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The makers guaranteed that the words with friends 2 androids should be all about a graphic pleasure and more appealing for the gamers. Since its commencement, the epic word game has become quite arduous among the present group of young ones. Mostly for young kids, this game has been immensely popular, as it can put your intellect and aptitude to an ultimate test and makes you a vocabulary expert.

words with friends 2 android

words with friends app android free

How to play words with friends 2?

The game is quite similar to its predecessor, all you need to do is create a group and player with your friends and due to much-upgraded content and graphics, the game becomes more appealing for the player.


You can even have the option to select a solo campaign where you will be pitted against the automated version, and challenge yourself to become more skilled and efficient in the English language. Moreover, if you feel like trying any other international language, then you can go to the language option and select one among those listed.

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Key features of words games to play with friends:

  • Build a game:

You can challenge your opponent to have a showdown, especially with those who love to play crossword puzzles and enjoy the day by expanding your wit and aptitude for the better.

  • Challenge Solo:

There are various themed boards for the word game, so you can select any of them and sharpen your mental skills by figuring out better and innovative words.

  • Fast Rounds:

In this mode, a certain amount of time will be allotted to you and your rival. This helps in making the game more engaging and thrilling while at the same time it polishes your intuition and intelligence to the extreme. Thus it makes an expert in the field of word puzzle games.

word with friends online word with friends 2 android online word with friends 2

  • Customize:

While going for these words games to play with friends you will have a unique option to customize your court. This feature was not present in the earlier one. It delivers a much more pleasing and constructive outlook for the player.

  • Weekly Challenges:

Win daily or weekly challenges to upgrade your level. Also, make the game more interesting by collecting specially designed skilled badges.

words with android online free


Words with friends 2 are one of the most popular words puzzling games, you will ever have. Moreover, you can play this game even when you are alone without anyone. The contents and the visuals are made in such a way that it makes the outlook structure more exciting and fascinating for the players.  The app is free; therefore you can easily download it and start playing without worrying about any sort of payments.



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