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escape prison app

Imagine yourself being caged, and all you want is the freedom, to smell the essence of fresh air. This epic Escape the prison adventure game will make you feel the thrill and excitement just like one of those typical Hollywood prison-break movies like the Shaw shank Redemption or the Great Escape, just to name a few.


escape the prison games

escape the prison games

What’s the escape the prison games all about?

You will be under constant 24×7 surveillance from cameras that are placed in the corners of the cell, and even on the corridor. There will be strict guards, blocking every exit. All you are required to do is apply your brain and figure out all the equipment and tools which will be handy for your infamous escape.

The escape prison app game becomes trickier with each passing time. Moreover, to make the game more engaging you will be required to interact with other prisoners. They will help you to figure out whether they will be supporting you, or are acting as mere informers. There will be passwords and codes, which you need to figure out in your cell. The game is a complete action pact package, therefore, if you are the one who loves action and suspense, then this is the ideal game for you.

escape the prison games

escape the prison adventure


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Key features:

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escape the prison adventure

escape the prison adventure

Review of escape prison game app

The game is an all-out suspense thriller, and in every move, you will be in a complete pro-active mode. The game will put your intelligence to the ultimate test where you need to be extremely creative and innovative. While using the tools and equipment to ensure a successful prison breakout. Moreover, its charming and appealing content aids the game with a complete new make-over. It offers a very refreshing outlook, unlike any other action game.

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