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free games diner dash

The diner Dash Adventure games are one of the finest animated cooking game series. If you are someone who has a liking for new dishes and enjoys watching shows such as Gordon Ramsay’s Kitchen, then this app is the ideal one for you.

diner dash adventures

What is diner dash adventures games all about?

The game follows 3 basic and easy principles:

  • Decorate
  • Serve
  • Cook

The story of this game app revolves around a unique character named Flo, she returns from her hometown and opens a restaurant where the goons of Mr. Big try to create trouble. She is required to stop them from destroying the bakery, restaurant, and other shops in the town while serving to other animals.

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free games diner dash

Key features of diner dash apps:

  • You can cook many recipes and even customize the menu as per your requirements.
  • You can even design and decorate your restaurant and café with some exotic designs which will be available after you cross each level.
  • Another unique feature is that you can even remodel the whole locality; it not only brings out the innovative and creative ideas but also makes you extremely constructive in your approach.
  • While playing diner dash you can challenge someone online, where you both need to cook a dish and serve it to a person within a specific time.

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playing diner dash

free onilne games diner dash

  • If you think that you are running out of your imaginations, then don’t worry, go to the settings and figure out more than 1000 innovations and decorations.
  • The game has been downloaded more than 2 million times and is regarded as one of the top gaming apps of all time.
  • Even though this game is free of subscription, but there are some extra items for which you are required to pay a certain amount of money. But that’s completely optional.

free games diner dash download

free games diner dash


The new diner dash games have been very enticing and attention-grabbing for the players due to its abundant pretty simulation and brilliant illustrations. The moving picture and the artworks are extremely appealing. Moreover, the game will teach you time-management skills, which are very crucial in this contemporary world, and most of us are not so good at it. Your task is plain and simple, just keep cooking and serving. So, without any delay, go to the play store and download this amazing game app.

Download the App:

Google Play Store
Google Play Store

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