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How does the Microsoft OneDrive app work?

Microsoft OneDrive app is an important application of Microsoft that provides different services like file hosting service, synchronization service, etc. It allows users to store different files and also user’s personal data like different recovery keys, Windows settings, etc as a file.

microsoft one drive download
Microsoft one drive download

Moreover, this application allows users to upload Microsoft Office documents. It also allows users to view the OneDrive documents, files, photos, and allows them to share these with friends and family.

Besides, users can use the app to take the user’s data backup automatically and it can also protect the user’s data in the cloud.

microsoft one drive

microsoft one drive for business

microsoft one drive login


Key Features

This is a cloud storage application incorporates many convenient features like

  • It is a file hosting application.
  • Users can upload different users’ personal documents, photos, software settings, after Microsoft OneDrive login
  • Users can also host Microsoft Office documents to OneDrive.
microsoft one drive business
Microsoft one drive business
  • Further, it helps users to take the data backup from the device automatically.
  • It offers 5 GB storage space to users. 
  • This also offers subscription plans to users to increase the storage space by 1 TB or more. 
  • The Microsoft OneDrive download is easy and it is also known as SkyDrive.
  • Users also can share their data with others using this application.
  • OneDrive is also a secure storage platform that keeps the user’s data secure.
  • Microsoft OneDrive business policies provide the scope of Microsoft OneDrive for business purposes. 

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microsoft one drive app
Microsoft one drive app


  • It is a secure and powerful storage platform on the cloud.
  • The application is user-friendly and easy to use and free up to 5GB storage space.


No Cons found to date.


  • According to the Google Play Store review, it comes to a 4.5* rating, and App Store reviews, it comes with a 4.7* rating.
  • According to our uses and testing, Microsoft OneDrive is a good storage platform and also secure.


Microsoft OneDrive app is the most powerful and secure storage platform on the cloud. It offers users the ability to share files and manage operations like sharing their data with friends and family without any hassle. It also allows automatic backup features and can also protect the user’s data.  

Download the APP:

Google Play Store
Google Play Store
Google Play Store
App Store


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