Microsoft Excel: A Spreadsheet Application

How does Microsoft Excel work?

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application that offers users to calculate and store data in a tabular format. The table contains multiple cells. A program works behind the sheet that operates on data entered in cells of a table.

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A sheet is an electronic document. In a sheet, each cell can contain either numeric data or text data, or formulas that automatically calculate and displays a value or result based on the content of the cell.

It provides users interface to create a new sheet, edit a sheet, and collaborate a sheet with others from Android devices. It can manage workbooks, spreadsheets, tables, and easily shared with a mail. Also, provides built-in functions for common mathematical and statistical operations.

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Key Features

The Microsoft Excel spreadsheet application incorporates many convenient features like

  • It is a spreadsheet application.
  • It offers to create a new spreadsheet in a workbook.
  • Here, a sheet is a collection of data in a tabular form.
  • A table is a collection of multiple cells that contain either numeric data or text data.
  • A cell can also contain formulas that automatically calculate the result for the specific cell.
  • The application runs on any Android device and Microsoft Excel download follow easy steps.
microsoft excel template
Microsoft Excel template
  • This is a very faster application that can process data very fast.
  • It also offers a suitable user interface to operate different operations like creating a new workbook, a new spreadsheet, edit a spreadsheet, rename a spreadsheet, representing data using different graphs or charts, etc.
  • It is mainly used in accounting, financial, statistical fields.
  • Different Microsoft Excel templates.
  • Microsoft Excel tutorial is also available in this app.

microsoft excel tutorial

microsoft excel online

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microsoft excel app


  • It is an easy platform to calculate a huge number of data in a tabular form
  • The application is user-friendly and easy to use and free application.


No Cons found to date.


  • According to the Google Play Store and other reviews, it is an essential application for calculation and it comes with almost a 5* rating.
  • According to our uses and testing, it is a very good service with millions of downloads.


Microsoft Excel is a powerful productive application for calculation and storing data in a tabular form. It is a faster application and performs many operations including creating, editing, and customizing a spreadsheet. 

Download the App: 

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Google Play Store
Google Play Store
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