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The ultimate way to check Internet speed using the Internet Speed Meter!

internet speed meter lite

Internet Speed Meter is an application that provides information on Internet speed in the status bar. It also represents a table with the amount of data being used by users at all times. This also helps users to control data plans and stop accessing the data over the limit by monitoring Internet connection and data uses using the device anytime.

internet speed meter test

internet speed meter

This is a completely ad-free application and it also provides updated information regarding the data plan offer. It can also analyze the home network to check if it is working.

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It helps users to check their data consumption in real-time by representing the data uses in the megabyte unit to the notification bar all the time.

internet speed meter for windows 10

Key Features:

This Internet Speed Meter Lite is a real-time Internet speed meter test application incorporates many convenient features like

  • The application offers users for Internet Speed test online.
  • This application helps users to check daily download and upload data traffic.
  • It offers a user-friendly graphical interface to users.
  • It is also applicable as an Internet Speed Meter for Windows 10.
  • Users also can monitor the network connection.
  • It can also analyze Wi-Fi connection and signal strength.
  • Provides notification and real-time data speed in the status bar.
  • It supports the theme. Users can change the color of the user interface.
  • The application can detect Wi-Fi device information.

best internet speed test

internet speed test online

internet speed test


  • Internet Speed Meter is a lightweight app and capable of measuring accurate Internet traffic.
  • It provides a simple and friendly user interface.


No Cons found to date – This is the best Internet speed monitoring application.

internet speed data usage test


  • As per global rating, now the Internet Speed Meter application is very well-known due to its accurate result. It has already more than 6 lacs users with good feedback. It with a 4.4rating as per Google Play Store.
  • According to our implementation and testing, it is the best Internet Speed test application for controlling data traffic.


Internet Speed Meter is an ad-free Internet Speed test application to monitor and control data traffic. It also represents a table with the amount of data being used by users at all times. It provides users real-time results and updated information regarding the data plan offer.


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