Dropbox: A Cloud Storage Platform

How does the cloud storage platform Dropbox app work?

Dropbox app is a cloud storage platform to upload and transfer files and documents to the cloud. It also offers users to share a small or large volume of files regardless of device and location. It is a trusted application and is accessed by more than 500 companies to keep their sensitive data.

It helps to centralize team content management in order to create, edit, store, and share content from Microsoft Office files, Google Docs, Sheets, etc. It also provides the feature to keep the user’s files and cloud content together.

The most important part is users can easily access the application from any computer, mobile device, or web browser. It also provides a secure infrastructure and admin tools to protect user’s data on Dropbox.

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Key Features

This is a cloud storage application that incorporates many convenient features like

  • It is a cloud storage application or file upload site.
  • Different users can upload their personal documents, photos, software to Dropbox.
  • The application also supports small and large volume data.
  • It can distribute the content within a centralized team and also keep both the user’s and Google’s content together.
  • It offers 2 TB cloud storage free space for a free Dropbox login account that is known as my dropbox account.
  • Dropbox for Business offers an upgrade to Dropbox professional with 3 TB of space.
  • The app is easy to access and is user-friendly.
  • Dropbox is also a secure storage platform.
  • The Dropbox app for iPhone and Android is available.


  • It is a secure and trusted cloud storage platform.
  • The application is user-friendly and easy to use and provides free cloud storage space.


No Cons found to date.


  • Over 14 million users use Dropbox and more than 500 companies keep their sensitive data to Dropbox.
  • According to our uses and testing, this is a good and secure cloud storage platform.


Dropbox app is the most powerful and secure free online storage platform on the cloud. It offers to centralize team content management for distributing and managing files with team members from any device and location. It is a modern workspace to increase productivity at work.


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