CSR Racing 2 – The next chapter with AR mode!

The CSR 2 racing game provides a stunning display of state-of-the-art graphics and is the top racing games of all time. It modernized the mobile racing games used to be played, with a real revolution in sound quality and animation. The car racing thing simply gets real.

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Setting new standards:

You have all played the Need for Speed (NFS) on your desktop. Now imagine doing the same when you start playing CSR 2 on your smartphone device screen.  But what changed with the arrival of the CSR 2 app is the infrastructure that it has provided with the coming of edge graphics and gripping content along with those amazing cars which you can customize according to your wiling. Moreover, the integration of more than 100 global racing tracks along with such epic races makes it the top demanding app for those who love to play such games.

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Key features of CSR2 racing game:

Fast and Furious:

The game is fast as it happens in a blink of an eye. You will enjoy the top-rated cars, and upgrade, maximize speed and dragging abilities. There will be 100 other racing cars, as your competition on the global circuits, which were specifically chosen, to provide a gladiatorial arena, of race and glory.


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Provides Knowledge:

One of the best and the most demanding feature, of this amazing app, is its ability to define and give an in-depth practical real-life analysis of the car which you will be choosing or have chosen to race. Like if you have chosen to race with a Ferrari, the app will automatically provide a complete inner and outer description of the car.

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Amazing Graphics Quality:

The CSR2 App has been a real revolution in the sphere of modern and fresh graphics standards. The 3D visual features will keep you engaged on the screen.

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Amazing racing cars:

You are given the option to choose from the most modern along with certain vintage quality racing cars. You are provided with all the best state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to upgrade your racing car to compete in the global league along with some of the sturdy and top skilled drivers.

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Racing through the city lights

You can shift to the single-player racing battles. In this epic mode, it takes you through the streets. Will have to fight through those traffics and become a pro in a drag race from a rookie.  

Actual Street Racing

Prove your worth along with the global drivers in normal or drag races and make yourselves to be counted among the elite racers group. For that, you have to compete with the best to be the best. There will be certainly allocated laps that you will need to cover in the given time frame, so if you are in the top 3 then you will be qualified for the next, along with some grand prizes.

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AR mode

Another amazing feature which the makers have incorporated into the CSR 2 racing game is the state-of-the-art AR mode. This makes you feel the essence of real-life racing just by sitting behind the wheels. Gain the spectacular experience of driving among the top racing cars.

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  • CSR2 is a free download racing game. You don’t need to pay anything to download it from your app or Google play store
  • You can play this game anywhere and wherever you want, all you require is a good net connection.
  • The game is extremely user-friendly and completely hassle-free.


Obsessed with high-quality cars? Then the CSR2 app is the ideal choice that you will ever make. The game is top-notch for anyone who loves car racing and has completely transformed mobile games for generations to come.

Download the App:

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Google Play Store

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