Adobe Scan: A Document Scanner App

Adobe Scan is a digital document scanner app. It supports Optical Character Recognition or OCR feature that recognizes text automatically. It uses widespread technology to detect and recognize text inside scanned documents, photos, and images.

This is a free app for document scanner that is powered by Adobe Inc. This application is very helpful to create a photo scan or a PDF scan. It helps users for making anything scannable. It also provides important settings.

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The application can be used for different purposes like scanning books in the library or scanning receipt in any type of business. It also supports scanning of multiple pages document and saves it as a single tap.

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Key Features

This is a scanning application that incorporates many convenient features like

  • It is an easy and powerful scanning application for scanning documents.
  • Used to scan books, money receipts, and other documents.
  • The app activates the user’s device into a portable document format scanner that recognizes characters or texts inside an image or document.
  • It also offers users for scanning multi-page documents and save it into a single tap.
  • It generates high-quality PDF that can run on the Adobe Acrobat Reader platform.
  • The settings provide different capture modes, different paper formats, paper sizes, etc.
  • Is Adobe scan free? Yes, Adobe scanner is a free best scanning app.
  • Download app is easy and available and it is user-friendly.
  • This is a good document scanner for Android and document scanner for iPhone.

document scanner for android

document scanner for iphone


  • It generates a high-quality portable document format after scanning.
  • The application is free, user-friendly, and easy to use.


No Cons found to date.


  • According to the App Store and Google Play Store review, it is the most downloaded application and it comes with a 4.6* rating.
  • According to our testing, this is a good document scanning apps for document scanning and generating high-quality PDFs.

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Adobe Scan is a high-quality digital scanner that captures and converts forms, documents, business cards into high-quality portable document formats of PDFs. It is used for both personal and business purposes. The settings provide different capture modes, different paper formats, paper sizes, etc.


Download the App:

Google Play Store
Google Play Store
Google Play Store
App Store

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