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masha and the bear educational games

The days of making children go through comic books are over. In this new age of digitalization, it’s all about making things smarter and more innovative. Even schools follow the play-n-learn method to make education attractive. The Masha and the bear educational games are exactly for this purpose and the game is mainly on the protagonist Masha, who is adored by a bear and her animal friends. This unique educational game has the following segregation:

masha and the bear learning games

masha and the bear games

masha and the bear games

Six various categories:

  • Color and Paint:

masha and the bear games

In the Masha and the bear games, your kid needs to paint them with any color they want. Thus it will help them to be more creative and imaginative and along with it will be able to recognize the various colors required for the specific animal.

  • Searching Words:

Well, this category is extremely interesting as your kid and you can expand his vocabulary skills, and will also help them to learn a particular language.

masha and the bear learning games

  • Remembering Objects:

The makers’ ensured that to make this game a household name, they require to integrate something unique and appealing. This part aids in the process of visualization and enhances the power of intelligence among kids. This gives them a unique learning curve for a better future.

  • Solving Puzzles:

In this category, kids will need to solve the puzzles of all the characters. through various sizes and shapes, which will help them in focusing and concentrating.

masha and the bear educational games


  • Counting Numbers:

Your kid will be able to learn number counting from 1 to 10 along with pictures and graphics to make it more intriguing.


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masha and the bear games


The Masha and the bear learning game has been a great success not only among kids but also among parents globally, due to its entertainment form of education that provides the knowledge your children require in becoming smarter and proactive. The game ensures that your children become intelligent and are a class apart compared to others in the class.



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