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Get more time to teach with the Google Classroom app!

Google Classroom app is an application that helps educators to efficiently manage classroom programs, assessments, and other academic activities. It is a very good initiative by Google LLC.

google classroom app

Google Classroom for students is an education platform and it is completely free and anyone can access this application from a Google account. It provides an easy platform for both, learners and instructors. It helps instructors for different activities like creating classes, to communicate with students, to distribute assignments, etc.

google classroom training

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google classroom for teachers

google classroom for students

Google Classroom training also helps in simplify teaching and learning. Here, using Google Classroom instructors can add students, share links so that all the students can join. It also offers instructors to communicate with guardians and send them student’s progress.

google classroom tutorial

Key Features

How to set up Google Classroom and how to use Google Classroom?

This is a classroom management application that incorporates many convenient features like

  • Google Classroom is a free service for instructors and learners.
  • It helps instructors and learners to connect with each other.
  • Using the application instructors can make an announcement for starting a class.
  • It provides an interface to manage classroom activities like to create classes, share study materials and assignments, etc.
  • Google Classroom for teachers also helps teachers to conduct an assessment.
  • This virtual paperless application helps instructors to create, check, and mark assignments within a very short time span.
  • This is a good and advanced teaching-learning method that saves time, increases productivity.
  • The major advantage of this Google Classroom tutorial application, it saves lives by providing a paperless virtual learning platform.
  • Students can use Google Drive storage to see and store their assignments, class materials like documents, photos, videos, etc.
  • It is an ad-free, affordable, and secure platform for learning.
  • It can also track the user’s learning progress.
  • This app always encourages learners with different achievements and rewards for learning.
  • Downloading the app is easy and is user-friendly.
  • The app is available for both Android and iOS.

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how to use google classroom

how to set up google classroom


  • Classroom management
  • It is a free service, anyone can avail this of service using their personal Google account.


No Cons found to date.


  • According to the user’s review, it is the most useful application.
  • According to our review, this is a good virtual platform for classroom learning.


Google Classroom app is an ad-free paperless virtual learning platform where instructors can manage all the classroom activities in one place without wasting time. It is also a good service for learners where they can easily use the platform to access the study materials, share with each other, and storing them in Google Drive.

Download the App:

Google Play Store
Google Play Store
Google Play Store
App Store


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