2048 Classic Swipe Game

The classic numbers puzzle game:

The 2048 Classic falls under the same family of 2048 original number puzzle game. Poignantly, the fame of this game is just behind 2048 original. Since it was accessible on the Appstore and Google play store, the game was an instant hit among individuals of all ages on a global scale. It garnered more than a million downloads in just a day and became one of the top-rated demanding mobile online number swipe puzzle game.

swipe game
swipe game
number swipe puzzle game
number swipe puzzle game

How to play 2048 Classic?

Don’t worry about the complex look of the puzzle game; all you require to do is follow the simplest of instructions that are being provided to you. The game is very easy to play, the numbers increase in the multiplication of 2 (2=4=8=16), and in this way, it will keep going till the significant 2048 number.

Exciting Specifics about 2048

  • The unique number swipe game was developed just within a week.
  • Due to the immense success of 2048, the game has been now taught to young programmers.
  • 2048 is regarded as one of the finest examples of a number puzzle game ever built.

word swipe game app

swipe game app
swipe game app

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  • Once you download it, the game is a remarkable platform for relaxation due to its animated and an appealing number of games and video content.
  • It’s exceptionally simple to play and is very comprehensible.
  • It has extremely fetching content, which makes it even more interesting for the gamer.
  • It has more integrated and engaging content than the previous version.
  • The numbers of puzzles are a bit more tricky than usual, not exactly harder, but you need to calculate uniquely to complete a level.

puzzle game app

number swipe game

word swipe game


  • All you require is a good network connection
  • The game is user-friendly
  • Provide a proper check to the power of intelligence.
  • Tests your mental skills to the limit


The 2048 Classic number puzzle game is the ideal game you will ever get on Google play and that too for free. The number game is all about making you better and mentally proactive along with an increase in the ability to persevere. The 2048 classic has been integrated with one state-of-the-art feature and graphics. Thus making the number puzzles more challenging.

It is particularly easy to play even for people who are not that tech-savvy but has a nag for number puzzles. Therefore any person, irrespective of age can play this game to be stress-free for a moment. Along with its amazing graphics and intriguing content of puzzles, it makes the game and challenges even more appealing for gamers.

Download the App:

Google Play Store
Google Play Store

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