Instantly See Your Network Activities Using the GlassWire App!

GlassWire app is an ultimate application that monitors incoming and outgoing data traffic of mobile devices. It monitors data usage, data limits, and also Wi-Fi network activity. It can prevent the wasting of data used by other applications.  

GlassWire App

The application visualizes all the data used by the applications and network activities in the form of graphs. It has different features. The firewall feature can control Internet access by the applications. It prevents any type of suspicious activity that can violate the privacy or wasting data bandwidth.

GlassWire data manager features compatible with Edge, 3G, 4G, 5G networks and it also work with different telecommunication companies and data providers worldwide. It also can provide alerts on data uses.

Key Features of Glasswire App

It is the network application that incorporates the following features like

  • GlassWire app can monitor all the network activities.
  • It can also monitor data usage, data limits, and Wi-Fi network activity.
  • Its powerful firewall can block any type of suspicious activity and potential threats. 
  • It can prevent the wasting of data used by other applications.
  • This application can display the data uses in the form of graphs.
  • The application is compatible with different networks like Edge, 3G, 4G, 5G, etc.
  • GlassWire software also provides data that uses alert.
  • The application only runs on the GlassWire Android platform.
  • It is a free Android application. GlassWire iOS is not available. 
  • It has three different versions for GlassWire download, basicelite, and GlassWire pro.

glasswire androidglasswire downloadglasswire ios

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  • It works on a different network.
  • Blocks data traffic that contributes to increased battery life.

glasswire apkglasswire software


  • As per the review, it works as the best network defender application that comes with a 5* rating.
  • It is flexible for users, so it is easy to use.


GlassWire app, network defender service, which generally monitors and controls all incoming and outgoing network data traffic. It blocks Internet access when needed and supports a lot of features including reducing data access, saving battery, blocking suspicious activities, threats, etc.

Download GlassWire App:

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