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If you are craving for a drift racing car game, then the Drift Max Pro should be at the top of that list. It restructured the whole classification of recent high-tech drifting games that you have ever played on your smartphone devices. It conveys a remarkable attractive display of state-of-the-art graphics.

drift max games

This app has completely transformed the strategy of playing mobile racing games, with a real revolution in sound quality and animation. The car drifting race thing simply gets real with the advent of drift max pro – car drifting game with racing car. Moreover, there are a lot of modes to choose from, starting from the single-player, multiplayer, cross-play, and many more.

car drifting game


Key features of Drift Max Pro:

The wild drifter:

the wild drifter game

The game is all about drifting and swiftness. You will be able to relish the cars you desire upgrade them, maximize speed and drifting abilities. Also, there will be other drifters as your competitors on the global circuits. These global circuits provide a spectacular arena, of drifting and glory.

Customization facility:

drift max pro - car drifting game with racing cars unblocked

The new drift max pro editor switch will give you the option to choose from the best customization possible along with the specific changes you require for the brakes, rims, and windshields. You can design your dream drift car which you always have imagined, now it’s coming true. You can choose the color, tires, and hand brake modifications for a better tire grip, windshield, and many more. 

The Booster:

drift car game booster

If you want to give your car the power to reach top speed while drifting, the new unique nitro-charger is here to deliver you the realistic ride of the fastest car through the city lights and be the drift king that you have always dreamt to be. 

Next-generation graphics:

drifting car game

The app has been regarded as one of the best drift max games that have ever been introduced in recent times. The makers of this game incorporated spectacular 3D graphics, which is a reason for its high popularity. It gives the characters and players a much realistic and exotic approach towards the game. Though, not compromising its scenic beauty, which is quite stunning. You can go around the globe, starting from Tokyo to New York. 

Amazing drifting events:

amazing drifting events

If you want to unblock new set of Ferraris, Mustang and other glamorous racing cars, then you need to attend the global drift events with your favorite car and win them, to collect cash and other notable features which will aid you in upgrading the vehicle for a better showdown in the future drifting races. 



The Drift Max Pro has been a complete revolution in the sphere of drift car racing games, especially with the additional, assimilated, and digital features. The drifting becomes much more engaging and exciting. Along with the elegant 3D visuals and animatronics excellence, is a complete cinematic treat. If you want to be a professional drifter car racer and is obsessed with high-quality cars, this app is the finest car drifting game


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