Unicorn Evolution: Fairy Tale Horse Adventure Game

A great game for kids:

The Unicorn Evolution is all about the infamous mythical animal. It is best suited for the young kids, who will find the game very appealing due to its cute animations and graphics which are tailor-made for small kids. 

unicorn evolution

unicorn evolution online

How should you play the Unicorn Evolution game?

The game is extremely simple and user-friendly, all you need to do is just combine the little pony unicorn, to explore some strange and inexplicable forms, showing and proving your creativity.

unicorn evolution game


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Key features:

  • Extremely easy to use and is regarded as one of the finest clicker games.
  • The game is free of subscription; therefore you can easily download it and start playing.

unicorn evolution app

unicorn evolution game online
unicorn evolution game online
  • It has colorful graphics and animation to make it more appealing for young kids.
  • There are just no endings of imaginations; you can create in whatever form you want.
  • You can play the game wherever and whenever you want.
  • The game is quite intriguing for young players.
  • Due to its funny and cute graphics, a lot of people will find it quite relaxing and can be a complete stress-buster


  • It has a great and catchy background story, to make it look more interesting for the players.
  • Doodle like descriptions of the unique unicorn horses
  • It also has a special monster maker, which keeps on creating various kinds of cute monsters, with different endings.
unicorn game online
unicorn game online

unicorn game



The Unicorn evolution app has many appealing graphics along with intriguing and funny adventures compared to other clicker games. According to reports, the unicorn evolution game online has been one of the top downloaded games in recent times and the popularity is rising at a steady pace. Especially the animated unicorns are quite likable to the young audience.

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Google Play Store

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