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The transformation of Netflix:

Unlike most apps that gained instant success, the Netflix app had a very meek beginning. The initial phase of it was all about sending DVDs via mail service. But after its growth, in more than a decade, it has transformed and revolutionized into one of the most demanding and dominant streaming apps on a global scale.  

The team of the Netflix organization was one of the leading explorers in discovering the potential and the bright prospect of the app as a streaming platform. Especially with the advent of new technologies and state-of-the-art graphics and HD video quality, it simply stood a class apart by becoming the first video on demand model in 2007. 

Since then its popularity got a huge spike. According to reports, it had an unbiased 20 million subscribers in 2011, but within just 8 years it just cultivated to 150 million as reported in 2019. 

Rise of popularity:

The people working in the Netflix app understood the demands of the people, especially, the taste of the youth worldwide are craving for. The makers made sure to fill up the app with some of the highest quality, award-winning, and critically acclaimed international films on the podium. 

Hence, a simple subscription will let you watch all those epic shows and movies from anywhere and at any time you want. Not only English, but you are able to watch the shows of any language you wish for. Subtitles are provided in different languages. The makers keep on updating the app on a regular basis. You will be kept informed by the new release section where you will find new movies on Netflix this month or week.

The Advent of Multiplexes:

The advent of multiplexes also indirectly aided in the popularity of Netflix as well. The prices for a movie in multiplexes along with popcorn bucket and coke are way more compared to the subscription cost of Netflix. Many people have chosen the latter option, as it gives them more space to relax and watch it on their own terms without any tantrums or even waiting a long time in a queue. Moreover, you will be getting an update on various shows and movies, in the section of new on Netflix this month. So, go for  Netflix download, in your IOS or in your android devices, then why worry to go to movies? Simply chill and keep enjoying the shows.

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COVID-19 Crisis:

Even though the current pandemic situation is the worse that the world has ever taken note of. The pandemic simply shook the global structure at a whole different level. But it will not be an understatement to say that, it is a blessing in disguise for live streaming apps like Netflix in particular. The number of subscribers it gained in a period of just a month is simply astonishing especially because of the Netflix new series section. All the multiplexes and outdoor entertainment sections have been shut down, everyone turned to Netflix, which came as a savior and as the only source of refreshment for many.

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 What has made Netflix so popular?

  • The platform keeps adding and updating new unique Tv shows and programs in the Netflix original series section. All you have to do is simply go to the search option and check it out.
  • It will give you options according to the choices you have made earlier on movies or shows. Like if you have watched a thriller, and then it will provide you with some more thriller-oriented movies.
  • You can create 5 profiles on it; hence if you feel that the cost of a subscription is a bit high, then you can easily share it with your friends or family and enjoy watching new Netflix TV shows.
  • The coming movies that will be uploaded on the platform in a month or weeks’ time, will be given in-depth and detailed information about them. You will be shown a preview, so that you can either click on the remember button, to keep you notified or just pass on.
  • Your account will be well protected and secured, no matter where you are. If anyone tries to log-in to your account from any device, you will be notified about it.
  • Once you download the app, then you will get Netflix free trial for a month before paying for a subscription.
  • If you feel like you require saving the Data, then you can simply download a movie or a show, and watch it later on, without worrying about the data usage.

Any Suggestions:

  • It will be better if it lowers the cost of a subscription a bit, as even though it keeps on updating new shows, some of those shows are not up to the mark and are of poor quality
  •  It’s better to have one personal account rather than 5 because, with so many numerous accounts, frauds are bound to take place.


  • Netflix plans are very expensive. The costliest among all the live streaming apps.
  • If you don’t have a proper Wi-Fi connection, it will not work.
  • No matter how many shows you have watched or the cost of the subscription, there are simply no rights you will be getting for it. Every month you need to pay.
  • You can’t suggest to them the movies or shows you feel like watching, which are not there in the app’s movie library.
  • The subscription plans need to be reformed as the premium section in Netflix cost more than other live streaming apps.

Is Netflix worth it?

There can’t be any doubt that this significant live streaming platform is a class apart and has modernized the way people have been watching regular shows and movies. It has saved a lot of people from wasting money on multiplexes and provided them with much more engaging and thrilling content. It has made people realize what it is like to watch a movie in this 21st century. The emergence of the Netflix app has given people hope, that ‘Dreams do come true’.

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