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Breath-taking visualizations using the NASA Visualization Explorer app!



NASA Visualization Explorer is a global resource of Android and iOS devices to get several stories about NASA’s discovery or exploration. It discloses the information about the Sun, moon, earth, planets, universe, etc.

This application presents the stories on cutting edge technologies and inventions. It also presents information about cutting-edge research by NASA. It is directly connected to NASA’s research spacecraft so it can provide a dynamic news outlet.


In the NASA Visualization Explorer app, each story is arranged with different multimedia clips and each of them is set with a title image.

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Key Features

The application incorporates many convenient features like

Stories about the Sun
Stories about the Sun
  • This is a good application for exploring the information and for research.
  • It is informative and educational.
  • The application interface is user-friendly and easy to use.
  • This is a very helpful application for an Earth or Space science geek. 
  • It also provides amazing images and animation for each story as a purpose for a better understanding.
  • Here each story is set with multimedia clips and a title image.
  • Users can hop through different stories by swiping the screen or using the bottom menu tab.
Represent the Stories about the Sun
Represent the Stories about the Sun
All the Stories
All the Stories


  • This provides a great platform for deep knowledge.
  • The application is user-friendly and easy to use.


Sometimes it takes a delay for loading the content.


  • This is an informative application about the Earth, Space science, Planets, and Universe. It comes with more than 4* ratings. 
  • According to our testing, it is really an informative platform for deep knowledge about Space science.
Stories of the Planets and Moons
Stories of the Planets and Moons
Stories of Earth
Stories of Earth
General Information of Science
General Information of Science


NASA Visualization Explorer is an informative application for users that highlights the information of new discoveries and open a new window to the natural world like the Earth, Sun, Moon, Planets, Universe, etc.



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Google Play Store
Google Play Store
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