CRED: Most Rewarding Bill Payment App

CRED is a payment platform that offers credit card users to manage multiple cards based on credit score. It also offers rewards to individuals for their credit card bill payments on time.

Cred App
Cred App

According to CRED technology, it has a strong artificial intelligence-based security feature that can track every payment-related information like due date, spending pattern, and other uses statistics. It also provides rewards when a user pays credit card bills through this application. There are various types of rewards like gift cards, event passes or tickets, etc.

This application can only apply to the membership program by signing-up with the user’s full name and phone number.

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cred app store
cred app store

Key Features

The CRED app incorporates many convenient features like

  • This is a member-only bill payment platform.
  • It offers rewards to its users for making the credit card bill payments on time.
  • It provides two different ways for earning rewards, the coins and gems.
  • Users can earn a CRED Coin rewards for every rupee if users pay bills on CRED.
  • Users can also earn 10 CRED Gem rewards for every referral person who makes a bill payment.
  • The application interface is hassle-free and easy to use.


  • The app has also a membership feature on a minimum of 750 credit scores for new users.
  • It supports bill payments through different banks like American Express, HSBC, HDFC, AXIS, ICICI, etc.
  • It also supports VISA, MasterCard, RuPay cards, etc.  
Cred Technologies
Cred Technologies
credit card payment app
credit card payment app
best cred
best cred


  • This provides a great platform for paying credit card bills on time.
  • This is the best credit card payment app that offers rewards on bill payments on time.


No Cons found to date.


  • The app has good user feedback and already 5 million population use the app for making credit card bill payments.
  • According to our testing, it is a good application for making credit card bill payments.


CRED is an online credit card bill payment application. It can analyze and track individual’s information related to credit cards and offers rewards to individuals for their credit card bill payments on time.

Get the Cred App:

Google Play Store
Google Play Store
App Store
App Store

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