Clash of Clans: The Best Online Mobile Game

Becoming popular:

Clash of Clans (COC) since its release in the year 2012, has become extremely popular among young gamers, especially those who crave for strategy games. It remains crowned on the IOS charts for more than a year. It is estimated that the COC earns around 1 million dollars a day.

clash of clans
clash of clan

What is the clash of clans all about?

The game is like the age of empires, where you are required to construct your base, and start from scratch with the barbarians. They will keep on attacking you from time to time, and you need to build barracks and train your troops to not only protect the base but also you require to attack other bases to collect more points and gold so that you can keep building and upgrading your defense and the base from any further attacks. There are several levels and stages, which you need to cross to unlock the category of modern weapons and other items which is essential for the protection of your township.

Building Clans
Building Clans
Clash of clans game
Clash of clans game

What are the key features?

  • You need to join certain clans, and they will help you out if you require or need any help and vice-versa.
  • You can with a global audience; people from the extreme corner of the planet can communicate through the inbox messenger of the COC.
  • You will have to feature in regular clan wars and can even ask their guidance to upgrade your clan.
  • You will be able to improvise and strategize for a particular attack on another base.
  •  Speak about your ideas on the global clash of clans forum.
  • It will provide you with various ranges of weapons, starting from archers, swords, guns, canons, dragons, and many others. 
  • After a certain level, you can easily upgrade and transform your army into an elite group of men and will be able to modernize your base or township.
clash of clans forum
clash of clans forum

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Why is Clash of Clans so addictive?

The reason behind its addiction is because the game is not going to halt for a second, it will keep on moving. Hence you will always need to strategize and upgrade your base by placing weapons at strategic points and locations, and at the same time need to train your army to attack or protect the base from foreign invasion. The unique game design is to keep you on your toes 24×7. You will get simply glued to your smartphone device, and start imagining as if you are the general of your army and the king of your township, therefore it’s your responsibility to shield them from any sort of danger.

clash of clan reviews
clash of clan reviews


  • Clash of Clans download is for free so that you can enjoy the thrill of this amazing game on your own terms.
  • Kills boredom, imagine yourself stuck in a party or a meeting where it’s getting a bit monotonous, you can simply start playing this game and have a good time.
  • Play wherever and whenever you want.
  • Simply a blessing for those who love to play strategy games or want to be a part of it.
  • A game like Clash of Clans connects with a global audience.


  • As it’s an all-out strategy game, some might not feel the interest to play it.
  • After a certain level, the base takes a lot of time, to modernize automatically, and therefore, many people lose patience and don’t find a proper reason to continue it any further.
  • It even though is pretty user-friendly but few modes and categories are a bit complex, hence some might find it a bit difficult to deal with it.


Clash of Clans Review:

The game has been extremely appealing and attractive for the players and has over 20 million gamers worldwide. The animation and the graphics HD quality has been a game-changer when it comes to online games. It has made a different platform for itself, and once downloaded the gamers are fastened to their mobile screen. As it completely depends on your in-depth and constructive analysis regarding how to guard your base and attack another, makes the game intriguing and thrilling for the player.


Clash of clan Download:

Google Play Store
Google Play Store



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