YOUTUBE: The Best Video Platform

The emergence of YouTube:

Unlike other most apps that became an instant success, YouTube had a very humble beginning. The initial phase since its inception in 2006, it started to upload videos and people took some time to understand the utility of the app. Its growth for more than a decade has transformed and revolutionized into one of the most demanding and dominant video streaming apps on a global scale.  

What is YouTube music?

Unlike other music streaming platforms, this app is a distinctive free music streaming podium that ably provides simple and convenient access to the viewers who are especially fond of listening to unrestricted movie songs and videos. 

The Popularity of YouTube:

  • The content quality of YouTube has been extremely engaging. Even though it’s simple, but can keep people glued on screen for hours. This simple concept has been quite appealing to the viewers.
  • The makers of the YouTube music app made sure that can bond with the viewers on a global scale. In this sphere, they have been immensely effective with a simple technique, i.e. by obliging to the wishes of their viewers.
  • YouTube since its inception always made sure that it changes with time and therefore, the viewers of this current generation find the videos extremely relatable especially with the social and political issues that have been taking place around the globe.

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  • The YouTube app is free, therefore, all you require to do is just download and go through your popular videos and listen to your favorite songs.
  • You can go through the videos on a go, as you can watch it anytime and anywhere if you have an internet connection.
  • Extremely engaging content, which will make viewers glued to the screen.
  • You can even make your videos and share them on the app for the whole world to check and give reviews on it.
  • You can get ad-free streaming with a nominal payment.


There can’t be any doubt that this significant video streaming platform is a class apart and has rationalized the way people have been watching and listening in this global age. The viewers have found YouTube to be more engaging and can connect with its dynamics. The emergence of YouTube has given a lot of hope to people who can show their talents to the world just by sharing the video and get acknowledged.

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