Waterbot: Never Lets a Plant Go Thirsty Again

This is an amazing application that helps users for gardening and watering houseplants.

In addition, this application can track periodic watering and gardening and it sends a reminder to users.

Different Option for the Apps
Different Option for the Apps

Waterbot is a very essential application that saves plants, saves lives, and can help for balancing the environment by balancing the oxygen resources.

How to use Waterbot app

This app has a drinking system or a water filter. Real-time monitoring is done using this application. It is a plant watering system. It can also measure water quality. And helps users for real-time monitoring from any part of the world through the cloud.



Account in this Application
The account in this Application

Key Features

Waterbot, the real-time gardening app incorporates many convenient features like

  • This is a nice application for periodic gardening and watering.
  • It offers a user-friendly interface to users.
  • Users can monitor the plants by their names and can make a document on it.
  • Waterboy helps users for generating an alert or reminder for gardening.
  • It also supports periodic fertilization.
Real time data monitoring
Real-time data monitoring
  • The phone camera is supported by this application for live visual monitoring.


  • For better quality water for gardening, there must be a connection between the application and water or a drinking system.




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Real time data monitoring
Real-time data monitoring


  • Waterbot is a very effective gardening application 
  • It saves lives and can balance O2 in the environment.


No Cons found to date – This is the best gardening application.


  • As per global rating, now the Google Pay application is a very well-known and trustworthy payment application. It comes with an almost 5* rating.
  • One can easily pay using this application.
Real time data monitoring
Real-time data monitoring



Waterbot is an incredibly useful application for water plants and gardening. It is a garden planner. Moreover, gardening can be done through the cloud using Waterbot. The main part of this app is, it saves lives and can balance the oxygen level in the environment.







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