Pocket Code: Visual Programming App

Pocket code is a coding app specially designed and used for catrobat coding in the computer science field. This application provides a helpful editor to create, execute, edit, and share the code. It helps to make a game in the simple form of scripting.




The application helps users to learn visual programming. It provides a comprehensive documentation section that helps users for understanding several parts of the visual programming interface. It also helps users for developing animations, games interactive artworks, music videos, and also other kinds of applications.

This application has a remix feature that permits users for appending user’s own code with others made. It needs mobile data for functioning. It has also a share feature to share the code with anyone.

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 Key Features:

The application, the coding app has many convenient features like

  • It provides a code editor for writing code.
  • It also provides the feature like edit, shares, execute, etc.
  • This also provides a help section for users’ better understanding of a different part of visual programming language.
  • It has an interface for developing games, animations, videos and it provides a step-by-step guide for its feature.
  • This application supports the remix feature.
  • Catrobat file treats every work on a device as a project.
  • It supports the Catrobat community for code updating and uploading a project.
presents the new project
presents the new project


  • This application is suitable for coding
  • It provides a user-friendly step-by-step interface.


No Cons found to date.


  • As per global rating, this app is really helpful for learning code and programming apps. The app has many users and it comes with a 4+* rating.
  • According to our implementation and testing, the app is really helpful for learning code.



Present the Categories
Present the Categories
shows the created project
shows the created project
presents the new project
presents the new project


Pocket code is an offline visual programming application that teaches how to write catrobat codes. It is a user-friendly application in nature. It provides an easy interface with the easy steps of learning. The application also helps in code modification, code execution, and code distribution and every project saves as a catrobat file.

Download  the App from the Play Store

Download from the App Store

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