NetGuard: No Root Firewall, No Internet Access

Net Guard app is an application that allows users to prevent access to the Internet. This application denies for Wi-Fi and mobile data connection. According to the Net Guard pro feature, it protects user privacy by blocking incoming and outgoing data traffic.  

Application Interface
Application Interface

This is an open-source platform. Net Guard for android and iOS provides an interface for managing all the enabled applications in the settings. On the other hand, it supports multiple devices at the same time. Moreover, one main feature is reducing data access and saving battery life by preventing Internet access.

Setting of specific Application
The setting of specific Application
Application Interface
Application Interface

Key Features

Net Guard, the network application incorporates many convenient features like

  • It prevents to access Wi-Fi and Internet.
  • Furthermore, this application allows selective network traffic based on application or IP address.
  • Also, it can generate the current network speed graph in a status bar and allows for displaying on the screen.
  • This application can save battery usage and reduce data usage by blocking access to the Internet.
  • Besides, it can increase data privacy by blocking access to the Internet.
  • Net Guard enables new application notification.
  • This application provides the interface of a variety of themes and colors like light and dark.
  • It also prevents advertisement.
  • It supports the tethering feature.

In addition to all these above features, the application supports multiple users’ devices.

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Interface of Application
Interface of Application


  • NetGuard is an open-source application.
  • Increase battery life, by blocking huge data traffic.


No Cons found to date.


  • As per Net Guard app review, it is one of the best network defender application that comes with the nearest to 5* rating.
  • It is user flexible, so it is easy to use.
Setting of Specific Application
The setting of Specific Application



NetGuard is a network defender that monitors and controls incoming and outgoing network data traffic. It can block Internet access. Net Guard iPhone app supports a lot of features including reducing data access, saving battery, blocking calls, etc.






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