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temple run 2 game
Temple Run 2

After the success of Temple run classic, the makers decided to launch the second version, Temple Run 2 game in the year 2013. The sequel topped the IOS charts within just 24 hours of its issue and remains a record till today. It remained in the topmost ranking among the arcade games for more than a year. It remains the top 5 most popular mobile games of all time.

What makes Temple run 2 so popular?

Even though like its predecessor the basic concept of the game is still the same, you have to run away from a monster, which is a monkey-type creature and in the process keep on collect coins and jump over broken bridges and other obstacles.

temple run 2 game
A different view of the game

The sequel simply adds certain high-quality graphics and some incredible background music. The picture quality has been exceptionally improvised and drastically improved. In the latest version along with a bit of more sliding, jumping, and a lot of running.

In this new edition, the character can run faster than the previous version. The significant addition is the attractive green-colored gems. The player needs to keep on collecting. Besides, there are a lot of scenic modes that will automatically change as you start playing the game, making it much more intriguing and appealing to the viewers and the gamers.

 Pros of the Temple Run 2 online game:

    • Download it for free and simply enjoy the thrill of this amazing game
    • Kills boredom. Imagine yourself stuck in a party or a meeting where it’s getting a bit monotonous, you can simply start playing this game and have a good time.
    • Play wherever and whenever you want.




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temple run 2 install game
Great Graphics View

 Key features of the temple run 2:


  • The first edition of the temple run was extremely popular. But the second version is leaps and bounds ahead of the first one in terms of graphics. The 3D animation along with its HD quality is astounding for any gamer.
  • Another distinctive feature that has been incorporated by the makers is including amazing scenic modes and environments, transforming the game into a more thrilling, lively, and intriguing one.
temple run 2 install game
Temple run inside view
  • Inclusion of some new additional obstacles along the way of the runner, like waterfalls, broken pillars, fires, and many others, which keeps the player glued to it.
  • There are some additional extraordinary powers for the runner, which he needs to acquire and will come from time to time along the road.
  • Compared to the last version, the monster is far stronger and bigger, thus making the game a lot more interesting than ever.

temple run 2 install game
Winning the game


Even though the second edition was much attractive and appealing. But the success of the game was nothing less than an astonishing figure, which equally surprised the makers. But the temple run game is a complete game-changer. It has revolutionized the way graphics and animations have been used in such an in-depth and detailed fashion. With the inclusion of much engaging and thrilling content, the game has fastened the players to their mobile screens for hours.



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