Tynker for Schools: The Ultimate Learning Tool for Your Kids

Coding Made Fun!

Tynker is a platform of learning that provides a beautiful interface for Kids for writing codes.

Tynker Junior
Tynker Junior

It is a very popular school level learning application. It provides easy steps with fun to teach coding. Using this application kids can even build games, apps, Minecraft, program drones, etc.

Tynker offers different key programming courses for kids. At present more than thousands of schools are using the app for giving better coding platforms for kids and also this platform is being accessed by more than 60 million kids.

fun coding and logic puzzle
fun coding and logic puzzle

Tynker has intuitive tools and effective resources that make the coding platform easier and fun-based. It has a different feature like classroom management, automatic assessments, etc. It also integrates codes into any subject with different PBL projects.

logic game app
logic game app
logic game page app
logic game page app


Tynker for coding also offers different free and paid training for teachers to develop the skills on school level coding.

Internal feature of the app
Internal feature of the app
tynker hour of code
Internal feature of the app

Key Features:

Tynker, the school level coding app has many convenient features like

  • It helps in coding puzzles and games by providing conditional statements, loops, functions, subroutine, and Minecraft coding, etc.
  • It provides robotics programming like writing code for drones, mini-drones, Ollie, Sphero, etc.
  • Tynker also helps in classroom management like teaching with study resources, checking student progress, assigning lessons, sharing classroom achievements, etc.
  • This app also helps in professional development by providing a variety of free and paid training.
  • It has the Blue Ribbon training program that helps everyone to be literate on the computer science.
  • Tynker provides a drag-and-drop interface for exploring programming logic and makes it easier for the understanding of kids. 
Tynker for Schools: The Ultimate Learning Tool for Your Kids
Tynker for Schools: The Ultimate Learning Tool for Your Kids


  • This app helps kids learning.
  • It provides a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.


No Cons found to date – This is the best code learning app for kids

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  • As per global rating, this app is really helpful for kids. The app has more than a million users and it comes with a 4.7* rating.
  • According to our implementation and testing, the app is really helpful for kids for learning code.

Tynker is a web-based application that teaches school level coding to kids. It is a completely visual-based fun-based application. It provides easy and friendly like drag-and-drop user interface for easy understanding for kids.


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