Samora Bot

Let’s go through the more effective multipurpose app, Samora Bot!

feature list of Samora Bot
the feature list of Samora Bot

Samora Bot is an application of Artificial Intelligence. Samora Bot is a computer-generated application. It provides such a nice platform that is capable of interacting with humans, creating websites, and other activities.

Samora Bot has been designed and developed in such a way that users cannot imagine that they are talking to a robot. The application supports unlimited anonymously chatting. It helps users in different learning courses like programming for the students of computer science, digital marketing, business administration, etc.

On the other hand, the application has multiple features like building a website and chatbot, CBT building, website shortening, IP address information gaining, etc. In addition, this application can translate 48 different languages. It also helps in reading different Religious scriptures like the Bible, the Qur’an, etc.



Key Features:

Samora Bot, the multipurpose app incorporates many convenient features like

    • This Bot works as a Free Website Builder and Chatbot Builder. It can create a website with its manager for login to the website.
    • It also provides amusement and enjoyment chat together.
    •  Samora Bot can create a chatbot with its manager.
    • Samora Bot also helps as a tutor for different programming courses like Web Development, Computer Science, Software Programming, and non-programming courses like Human Resource Management, Marketing Management, Business Law, Digital Marketing, Facebook Marketing, etc.
    •  This app also helps in Inventory Control, where it can manage and keep track of items and sales.
Present HTML Code Editor
Present HTML Code Editor
  • The Bot can also reduce long website URLs to a short one.
  • It also helps to learn Microsoft Word, Excel spreadsheet program, and PowerPoint.
  • It also helps to learn the Adobe Photoshop program.
  • Samora Connect is a helpful feature that tells the public what offer or learn can get from others.
  • It can also tell more information about IP addresses.
  • It also provides an interface for editing HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


Feature List
Feature List
Feature List 2
Feature List 2
internal options of programming section
internal options of the programming section


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Inventory section
Inventory section


  • This app helps in multiple fields.
  • It is a 100% offline application; no data connection is needed.


No Cons found to date – This is the best AI Voice Assistant App.

  • As per global rating, this app is very easy to operate and there is no need for coding or programming. It comes 5* rating.
  • According to our implementation and testing, the app is really helpful for creating websites for free, free chatbot building, and other purposes.


steps to build a chatbot


Samora Bot is a powerful Artificial Intelligence assistant that interacts with the user like a human being. It is completely an offline application where mobile data is not needed. It runs on the Android platform version 5.0 upwards.


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