Hound: AI-Powered Voice Assistant App

Hound is a more popular overrated app!

Everyday Assistant
Everyday Assistant

Hound is an Artificial Intelligence digital voice assistant application. This application is available on both the platform, Android, and iOS. It supports speech-to-text and text-to-speech voice recognition features which helps the user to search for information using natural voice and natural language. In this app, the user can be guided by the steps on the different queries and the user can refine the results. Hound is an untouchable hands-free application.

Hound is an ai powered voice assistant app which can help the user to get accurate results quickly. It has different beautiful features like, it supports users for making phone calls or sending a text message. It is the first digital artificial assistant that helps users for non-tangible hazards less interaction with the quick result and it also helps users for knowing smarter access to technology.

Hound has a wide range of voice commands to make queries on different topics like mathematical calculation, alarm setting, weather forecasting, music playing, travel planning, cab booking, etc.

voice commands to find nearest cafes
voice commands to find nearest cafes
Showing picture of puppies
Showing a picture of puppies
book an Uber.
book an Uber.

Key Features:

Hound, the voice app incorporates many convenient features like

  • This app works as a virtual voice assistant and personal digital assistant which supports human natural voice.
  • Hound gives fast and accurate results and provides an interface for refining results.
  • It provides weather information.
  • It can also find nearby hotels as per the user’s preferences for booking, check flight statuses.
  • This app also helps to navigate to the address and can call a cab like Uber.

Search an uber

Search artist

Find nearest Hotel
Find the nearest Hotel
  • It also helps in entertainment by playing music and games. This app even identifies the title and artist of a song that is playing. If there are multiple versions of a recording, this app will even identify which one is playing. 
Represent Weather forecast
Represent Weather forecast


    • Faster, this app processes voice requests in a very faster mode.
  • Ease of use, it is very easier to use and makes feels like a real step future.
  • Hound has an impressive array of customers, e.g., Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Motorola, and Hyundai, Uber, etc.


  • No Cons found to date – This is the best AI Voice Assistant App.


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play music during driving
play music during driving
  • As per global rating, now this app is faster and smarter than Siri and Cortana.
  • According to our implementation and testing, the app is really potential to process queries and revert the responses faster.



The app uses its proprietary Speech-to-Meaning and Deep Meaning Understanding technologies. The app uses the OK Hound voice command before every hands-free request and has an impressive array of customers, e.g., Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Motorola, and Hyundai, Uber, etc.



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