Spirit Level: A Surface-Level Measuring App

What is surface level measuring application?

Spirit Level is a surface level measuring application. It measures the surface vertically or horizontally. This app is also known as the Bubble Level app. It has good user flexibility along with extraordinary accessibility. This application helps to measure the level of any object on a flat surface.

Spirit Level
Spirit Level

Spirit Level, the application is used in the construction field, carpentry, and photography field to check the object level on which users are working. In a real-life application, it also helps users to check the level of the pieces of the furniture. Especially it helps check the surface of hanging paintings or other hanging objects on the wall.


This application is also helpful as an inclinometer, a tilt meter, a clinometer, or as a level meter or gauge for measuring the angle of slope based on different measuring units like percent, degrees, and topo.


Key Features

Spirit Level, the surface level measuring application incorporates many convenient features like

 information to use the app
information to use the app
Surface Level Measurement
Surface Level Measurement
  • This is a portable application for measuring the surface level of any object.
  • It supports the sound effect feature for calibrating without looking on the phone.
  • This app works based on the vertical and horizontal surface level of an object.
  • It works on a degree that represents an angle, and also on the percent that represents inclination.
selected surface level option
selected surface level option
  • It is implemented in the picture, furniture, wall, board, etc.
  • In real-life applications, this app allows users for measuring the inclination of a car, or that of a bike.
  • This application provides the user guides and steps for measuring the surface level of an object.
  • It has also a resume and pause option for doing the same in measurement.
  • It offers the option where users can measure the differences between the two angles.



selected surface level option
selected surface level option

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  • Spirit Level can measure the accurate surface level of any object.
  • Ease of use, no need of Internet data for using this app.


No Cons found to date – This is the best surface-level measuring application.

  • As per global rating, this application provides accurate measurement. It has an almost 5* rating.
  • It is user flexible and very easy to use.

Spirit Level is an incredibly useful tool for measuring the surface of any object. It works horizontally and vertically for measuring the surface level of any object. It works as a level meter and provides accurate measurement on the surface level. 









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