Alien Apocalypse: Zambo Protects the Planet 

The Emergence of Action games:

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Starting the Game

Since the emergence of this digital world, the popularity of action games has increased manifolds over-time. Since the past decades, with the emergence of smartphones, a lot of these action games have been incorporated into the Google-play and app-store, where it has become more convenient for people to simply just download them from those stores into their IOS or Android devices and start playing

The Popularity of Alien action games:

It is numerous and various sort of action games. But there has been a recent trend among the young ones of liking the action games related to aliens. Like the Alien Apocalypse or the Alien, shooting is some of those which have quite high ratings among the youngsters.

Special Weapons
Special Weapons
Game Result
Game Result
Advance option
Advance option


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Shop Armor

Reasons for liking such action games:

In this exhaustive world, where people hardly get the time to spend time with each other, like in the old days, due to the excessive work pressure and time constraint, such action games have been termed as stress-busters. You will find it extremely engaging and communicative, as it has a short backdrop story before the start of every mission. 

Moreover, it gives you that little spook of adrenalin; you require feeling mentally refreshed. Such alien action games are also in one way tests your flexes and proactive nature, which keeps you on your toes all the time.

Robot Mode
Robot Mode

What is Alien Apocalypse all about?

The game is all about a single character named Zambo, who needs to save this planet from the wrath of the Aliens who are setting up their bases in the cities, towns, and in jungles. Zambo is a highly capable warrior and is the last hope of our human race, whose single headedly can kill thousands of Aliens with his guns, bazookas, flamethrowers, and grenades. He even has an extremely powerful companion, a robot called ‘Pulper’ who never leaves his side and is with him in every battle. Their mission is to seek and destroy all the alien spacecraft and save the planet.


Catch the Bonus
Catch the Bonus

What are the key features of this amazing game?

  • The game is extremely user-friendly and is very engaging not only for young ones but also for elders as well.
  • The variety of weapons and mission levels provides a very engaging view from the players. The game gets more interesting with each passing level as you will be able to upgrade yourself with newly unlocked weapons.
  • You can get into the robot mode when you feel like the level is a bit tough for Zambo alone, to make a difference, take the help of the ‘Pulper’ and become invincible and get concentrated firepower to complete the mission.
  • The new integrated 3D animation is like a visual treat for all the gamers who like to play Alien Apocalypse. It’s one of the most attractive features of the game as the new 3D animation makes it more appealing and lively for the viewers, providing a visual treat.
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Collect Coins
alien apocalypse mod apk download
Let’s Fight
alien apocalypse mod apk download
Instruction of the Game
  • Throughout the process, you would have to collect coins along the way, to become more competent and become stronger.


What’s your view regarding Alien Apocalypse?

It’s a remarkably engaging game, even though it needs to upgrade a bit regarding its content compared to other Alien games. But there is no doubt that the visual effects and the character Zambo, in the game simply are the show-stoppers. Moreover, due to its appealing visual delight, it has been quite popular among the youth. Once you download the game, you will simply get glued to it once and for all.


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