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Google Assistant is the popular virtual assistant by Google LLC!

Google Assistant app is an Artificial Intelligence virtual voice assistant that is discovered by Google LLC. This application helps users across devices. Ok, Google is the voice command to activate Google assistant.

Google Assistant tutorial is always ready to receive queries from users and give answers to them. This application works on the device’s language. Its user interaction model is easy to understand. So, users can do easy search through this virtual assistant.

Google Assistant runs on smart speakers or smartwatches or smart headphones, etc.

google assistant app

Key Features

Google Assistant, the personal virtual assistant incorporates many convenient features like:

  • This virtual assistant adapts the user’s voice, pros, cons, preferences from more conversation.
  • Google Assistant helps users to open applications.
  • The entertainment like playing specific music is also done by the Google Assistant.
  • It allows users to enable the camera.

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AI Automation Google App Assistant


  • Google Assistant has a well-featured Artificial Intelligence application. 
  • Ease of use, it is easier to use through human natural voice.
  • Everything in one place.

No Cons found to date – This is the best AI Voice Assistant App.


google assistant android app, google app assistant


Google Assistant, is the Google virtual voice helper that uses voice queries and a natural language user interface to answer the user’s queries. Google Assistant uses advanced speech recognition and AI technologies for better performing and serving the user’s queries. It supports a wide range of user commands for serving basic human needs. OK, or Hey Google voice command is used to turn on the application.

Google Assistant Android app  google assistant tutorial


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