FOODYTV – Next-Generation Food Network

What is FoodyTV?

It is a complete new-fangled next in line food network app, for all those individuals, who want to become ‘Everyday Chef”. The app has this unique ability to modernizing how chefs of this digital age should learn the process of cooking. Those days of only ‘women should cook’ are way gone, it’s the age of development and moving forward in a digitalization mode, where you are going to learn the process of cooking on the go.


Is it the best food channel app?

In the recent decade, the process of cooking has seen a complete transformation from a manual-concentric cooking style into a more digitized cooking style. The app after its release on the app store has become extremely popular and has played a pivotal role in supporting the glorious cause of ‘everybody can cook’.  Hence, to answer, yes- it is one of the finest apps right now. 

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What is so unique bout this TV food channel app? 

The app is here to become your teacher and a professional guide who is focused on making you an enhanced cook. This new app can be regarded as the digital shopping mall of cooking delicious meals, it has live cooking classes for those who are complete amateurs and also for those who are away from home and wants to eat authentic home cook food, to feel the essence of loved ones. 

cooking tvWhat are the Pros?

Every app has its unique features and benefits which makes it different than the other. So let’s discuss the Pros here:

  • The viewers can watch indefinite cooking videos and shows of their own choices; all they require is to have a good Wi-Fi and data connection.
  • Once you have purchased FoodyTv from the app store then you will be able to figure out endless unique cooking contents and techniques which were uncommon to you before. Learn from them and become an expert. 
  • You will be able to experience the best chefs who is going to teach you some of the finest dishes from all over America.
  • If you have missed out on a particular episode then you can easily watch a repeat telecast of the show on the app.
  • If you are one of those individuals who want to learn cooking or have a subtle interest in it. Then this is the most ideal app for you as it can make you, rather transform you into a master chef.

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What’s the downside of this cooking TV?

No matter how modernized the app is, there is always room for improvement. The only two critical downsides of this app are:

  • It requires a proper Wi-Fi connection to make it work, so if you are unable to have a proper connection, then you will be unable to use it.
  • The app is all about cooking, recipes, and meals, therefore those who are not interested in such activities will not use the app and it tends to become monotonous after a certain point.

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Concluding Statement: 

Irrespective of its downside, the app is simply world-class; it can make you a master in cooking the simplest of dishes with some unique procedures and style, to brand it taste more delicious and in a short-cut method. Well, you are not done here. This cooking app will make you engrossed and glued in front of those cooking shows where the mighty chefs will not only show you how to prepare food but will also give you the feel and the essence of preparing a dish with immense care, thus proving that ‘anyone can cook’.

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