Don’t Touch My Phone : Secure Your Mobile Device

Secure your phone with Don’t touch my phone!

Don’t touch my phone is the mobile app that secures the mobile device from various touchable actions, like crooks touching, spy touching, etc.

This application stops user’s hazards to tell anyone foe not to touch phones. It has a nice feature theft alarm that allows users to set a theft alarm that protects mobile phones from unwanted touching.

Secure Your Mobile DeviceIt also allows users to lock and unlock the mobile phone by implementing a PIN feature to prevent unwanted touching. It is conscious of the user’s privacy and data.

Some cases can be considered, like if users keep their phone on a laptop or the table and someone tries to touch it then immediately alarm will warn them. Another case is like when the user goes for hangout and always worried about the phone, in this situation the Don’t touch my phone application can be activated and protects the phone from stealing by its alarm.


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Key Features

Don’t touch my phone, the phone protecting application incorporates many convenient features like:

  • This application allows the user to set the user to warn alarm.
  • It doesn’t allow the thief to close the application.
  • It doesn’t allow the thief to reduce the volume of the phone alarm without knowing the PIN or passkey.
  • The application has a loud alarm feature that is triggered even phone is in vibrate or silent mode.
  • It allows authenticated users to switch off the alarm by providing a PIN or password.
  • Don’t touch my phone has also a motion detection option that protects phones from any type of access.
  • Tor provides multi-layered encryption on data traffic during data passes over the tor network.
  • It is user flexible and provides hazard less access.

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  • Don’t touch my phone is an anti-theft application with hard security.
  • Ease of use, no need of Internet data to use this app.


No Cons found to date.

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  • As per global rating, now this application is very well featured and well serviced. It comes with the nearest to 5* rating.
  • According to our implementation and testing, the best of this application is hard security that protects mobile devices safely.

Don’t touch my phone is an awesome application to protect cell phone from thieves. This application has an alarm feature that allows the theft of mobile phones completely. This is very effective in a different situation, like while users traveling in public transport or when users place the device anywhere.





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