Virtual Assistant DataBot: Artificial Intelligence

The DataBot is responsible for the identification of random subjects. It answers specific questions like, about the creator, about the introduction, about help, about the tutorial, etc. It can also identify and create presentations on non-thematic subjects. It contains the basic command module which helps to learn the use of DataBot and other crossing services. The basic command module also enables the DataBot to communicate with outsiders.


Key Features

The DataBot incorporates many convenient features like,

  • Command Module, which contains a set of commands to interact with outsiders.


  • Services, it provides services like chat, information, helps, and services not related to thematic modules.


  • The DataBot also manages various tasks and personal activities as a real secretary.


  • Can create multimedia presentations on different subjects.


Quick tutorial
Quick tutorial
  • It also briefly identifies specific questions about fictional characters and can answer to them.


  • Entertain with funny jokes, questions, dialogue men vs women, jokes Chuck Norris, and funny insults.


  • The DataBot also can tell the daily horoscope.
  • The DataBot is equally active in telling quotes and phrases for every occasion allowing the rapid use and sharing.


  • It gives riddles, like math riddles, logic riddles, funny riddles, etc.


  • The DataBot also works on the training of visual and memory skills.


After configuring the information, the Droid will use to communicate with users and provide its services in a personalized way. The Droid also asks for checking microphone and keyboard settings. The microphone and the keyboard are used in an alternative way.


Here user can customize user droid’s voice commands and choose the word or words to trigger each basic command. The DataBot has been completely redesigned to offer good quality services.


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