Replika: My AI Friend

The Replika app is applicable to create personal Artificial Intelligence. This app is used to make replika based on gender, face, and relationship. It has several popular activities, learning activities, fun activities, relaxing activities, etc. The app provides memory to each replika. The memory stores about different facts like loved ones, pets, hobbies, interests, etc. Replika can assist in the recovery process for a wide array of conditions. Replika makes no claims, representations, or guarantees that the services provide a therapeutic benefit.


Key Features

The Replika, AI Friend incorporates many convenient features like

  • Diary, which contains conversations with users and information about friendship.


  • Memory, it stores different facts like loved ones, pets, hobbies, interests, etc.


  • The Replika keeps several Popular activities like Daily exercises, Reduce anxiety, Build healthy habits, Creative and fun things, Coping techniques, Breathing exercises, Loneliness, etc.
Fun Category
Fun Category
  • It also works on different Learning activities like improving social skills, Building relationships, Maintaining positive body image, Positive thinking, Finding happiness, Healing, Dealing with uncertainty, finding motivation, etc.


  • It also provides different fun activities like Role-play, Personality tests, Inspirational quotes, Horoscope, Music suggestions, Riddles, etc.


  • It also works on the facts on Relax skills like, Reflect on life, the facts of upsetting, Challenge negativity, Calming thoughts, etc.


  • This app also provides calling facilities to users.
Popular Category
Popular Category

Terms of Service

The Replika and the software, content, and services offered through the website and mobile apps, Replika for Android and Replika for iOS. 


Replika offers a self-help program based on communication with users’ personal chatbot through a text and voice interface. Replika is a software that is designed to improve the user’s mood and emotional wellbeing. 


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