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Let’s check out the top features of Microsoft Edge!

Microsoft Edge is a multi-platform web browser that is developed by Microsoft for Windows 10, Android, and iOS users. It already includes Adobe Flash Player. It allows online platforms to users for providing search functionalities, voice control, etc.


Microsoft Edge provides tools for more privacy and more productivity. It protects user’s online data traffic by preventing tracking, Advertise Block Plus, etc. It also provides the user interface for finding, managing, and view web content. 

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InPrivate Feature
InPrivate Feature
Tracking Prevention
Tracking Prevention

Key Features

DuckDuckGo, the privacy browser incorporates many convenient features like

  • This browser works faster.
  • Microsoft Edge can securely save user’s credentials, preferences data, and synchronize with the device.
  • This can track and control user’s data and prevent website trackers. 
  • It has an AdBlock feature in the setting to block unwanted advertising. 
  • It has an InPrivate tabs feature that helps users for secure browsing by protecting user’s cookies, history, autofill information, etc.
  • Rewards can be earned by searching with Bing and shopping online.
Information related to earning rewards
Information related to earning rewards
Feature List
Feature List


  • Microsoft Edge is a trusted privacy browser that protects the data of the mobile device.
  • Ease of use, it is very easier to use.


  • Sometimes it takes time to load web pages.
Show Nearest Shopping Mall
Show Nearest Shopping Mall


  • As per global rating, now this application is very well featured and well equipped. It comes with the nearest to 5* rating.
  • According to our implementation and testing, the best of this browser is the most privacy and trusted browser.


Microsoft Edge is a famous multi compatible or platform-independent web browser. It is user flexible and it is faster and performance is good. Microsoft Edge steps up in providing security on user data.




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