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Cortana is an Artificial Intelligence virtual assistant that is discovered by Microsoft to help Windows 10 users to complete schedule tasks and relate future needs on relevant data. It provides multi-dimension features with a better Graphical User Interface. Its features run in a 24×7 environment with user’s daily needs helps people to talk to themselves by voice command. The more user uses Cortana, the more Cortana adapts user’s voice, vocabulary, pronunciation, and personal preferences.


Key Features

Cortana, the personal virtual assistant incorporates many convenient features like

  • This virtual assistant adapts the user’s voice, pros, cons, preferences from more conversation.
  • Cortana works on Microsoft Account to manage different services in one place.
  • Cortana uses Office 365, LinkedIn, Wunderlist, Outlook, and others.
  • Cortana also makes different services like a list of user needs, traffic updates, calendars, etc.
Music Interface
Music Interface
  • Cortana allows users to interact any time by the voice command Hey Cortana.


  • This application keeps users always up-to-date on the things of most care about.


  • Cortana also provides an interface for users to send a message.


Wheather Report
Wheather Report
  • It also gets a reminder based on user location.


  • Cortana can perform multiple actions like playing music, home automation, etc.


  • It allows users to make video calls through Skype.


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  • Cortana has a well-featured Artificial Intelligence business-oriented application. Ease of use, it is very easier to use through human natural voice.
  • Everything in one place.


  • Cortana doesn’t synchronize with Google services.
Shows a way to Send Message
Shows a way to Send Message


  • As per global rating, now this application is very well featured and well equipped. It comes with the nearest to 5* rating.
  • According to our implementation and testing, the different features of this app are effective for doing any task by single voice command.



Best Movie First
Best Movie First



Cortana, the virtual voice assistant uses voice queries and a natural language user interface to answer the user’s queries. Cortana uses advanced speech recognition and machine learning technologies for better performing. Cortana supports a wide range of user commands for serving basic human needs. Hey, Cortana voice command is used to turn on the application. 


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