Don’t you feel like cooking some delicious meals for yourself? So here is your new cooking teacher, who will not only guide you but also can to make you a master chef. All you need to do is download the Tasty app and unfold your cooking talents for over 4000 or more amazing delicious recipes. 



How to use it?

Don’t worry about it, the app is extremely user-friendly, and there is an instruction manual, which will guide you in detail regarding how to use it, which works exactly like a manual cookbook. This will just be your new mobile cook-book, or you might even call it your very own cooking teacher. 



So what are the positive aspects of this new app?



Well, there are plenty of Pros, let’s talk about it here:

  • You don’t have to feel insecure just because you don’t know how to cook
  • The Tasty app can explain the minute details of cooking.
  • The app can transform a person from a novice to a chef in no time.
  • It has over 4000 delicious vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes.
  • Cook from any place, from anywhere and everywhere, all you require is the Wi-Fi connection and then just start cooking looking at the recipe.


What are the key FEATURES?


  • Step-by-step

It provides a complete and unique set up for a constructive one step at a time guide on how should you follow every recipe. You will be able to even watch and learn from the latest of videos before your friends can, and be the master in cooking finger-licking dishes.

  • Getting recommended

So you are being confused about what to cook next as you can’t recollect a particular dish or have run out of names? Just be calm, your digital cooking teacher app is extremely capable of recommending you names of a particular dish, based on the time, week, or if it’s a holiday. 

Diet Plan
Diet Plan
  • On a Diet Plan

So if you are extremely cautious about your meals, and following a strict diet plan, then you also can search the particular recipe which has all the ingredients which have all the nutrition, to maintain your calorie.  You can go to the search option and type the names for gluten-free or vegan diet recipes. 

  • Special Included Feature

‘What’s in your kitchen?’ 

Well, it’s not a question; it’s the name of the feature which has been included in the Tasty app, all you require to do is simply type the ingredients present in your home kitchen and then ask for the recipe. The Tasty app will help you out in what recipes you can cook and how to make them with those particular ingredients.

What if I am a vegetarian?

Don’t have to worry about it; your cooking teacher doesn’t discriminate between a vegetarian and a non-vegetarian. You will be able to easily change the settings of the app to automatically conceal all the guidelines which involve meat in it.


All in all an amazing app for those who love cooking and also for those who are leaving alone, far away from home. Even if you are among those who don’t ponder to be a cook, there is a pretty high probability that after downloading this app, you will be extremely chances are you’ve been desirous to channelize your inner chef and make some Tasty, delicious food for yourself and also for your loved ones.  



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