What is Google Fit?

Google Fit is one unique health tracking stage which has been established particularly for the fitness enthusiasts and also for those who are just going to start the journey from the fat to fit. All you have to do is simply synchronize the device with your IOS and Android devices. Google fit will be able to keep a check on your exercise and other health-related activities on a day to day basis. So that you are able to reach your fitness goal faster than originally planned.

So now let’s talk about what you will be able to measure in the particular fitness App.


Google Fit
Google Fit


  • Time:

The app can let you know for how long you will be working out one particular exercise and can track a time table for you. 

  • Steps: 

The Google fit app is able to count your daily steps for the whole day and can let you know how much more you need to do to lose weight.

  • Calories: 

It has the impeccable ability to calculate the calories that you are in taking on a daily basis and also is able to advise you how much or how fewer calories you need to take with each passing day, to reach your fitness goal.

  • Weight:

You need to enter your weight, so that the app can measure your fitness challenge and growth respectively, and will be able to instruct and guide you more constructively than ever.  

  • Elevation: 

The fitness tracker app has this unique ability to track the Elevation, like if you are climbing a hill or something, but it generally is a device that is only tracked for certain outdoor activities.

Google Fit
Google Fit



Moreover, if you are going to apply it on any sort of IOS device, then you will get some additional benefits like:

  • If you can afford a smartwatch then, it’s the best thing you can over have, all you require is to synchronize the app with the watch, and then it can show you all the features you need to know on the move.
  • On a day-to-day basis, you will be able to track your activities on the live feed. 



Google Fit
Google Fit




Can it be downloaded for free?

Yes, you can easily download it for free, all you require is an IOS or an Android device and start to maintain your health and fitness on a regular scenario.


Please click here to Download – Download

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