Fyle: Receipt Scanner & Expense Reports

The Fyle app is useful for financial management. It helps to track expenses and create expense reports. It also guides finance teams for approving and rejecting reports and requests, processing expense reports, and exporting to accounting software. This app also helps to set up expense categories and preferences, approval workflows, and more. Fyle can be integrated with third-party accounting software.


Key Features

The Fyle, financial app incorporates many convenient features like,

  • Log Mileage

    , on mobile or web, this feature helps to create new expenses. It can calculate mileage and log-based on travel endpoints.

  • Capture Email Receipts,

    this app is easily synchronized with Gmail or Outlook email receipt. 

  • The app also helps in recording travel and booking a hotel. Golbibo users can connect their GoBiz accounts with Fyle to automatically record travel and hotel bookings. This app is also flexible on cancellation and check-in policies for travel booking.
  • It has a good feature like, Instafyle which can automatically create expenses from receipt scan paper.
  • It also works on Bulkfyle, which can create expenses from multiple receipt papers.
  • It has One Click Action feature which can create an expense from the capturing image from the camera.


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