The Best Desktop Whiteboard for kids drawing

If you are looking for a small dry erase whiteboard for your house where you can brainstorm the innovative and creative ideas or write down your future business plans, then Small Dry Erase White Board – 16″x 12″ is the finest you will ever get in the contemporary market

It has unlimited mobility, very easy to transfer around, and is thin enough for storage against the wall, while it is large enough to see what is written on it! Moreover, if you have a kid in your house, then don’t worry; it has locked wheels, so your children can push it around while in use. 

The most amazing factor which you are going to love about is the attractive pens and the new dry eraser, which are magnetic; therefore you don’t have to worry about losing any of them while not in use. The makers made sure that it’s portable as well, therefore the ensured that there is a handle attached to it so that it becomes easy to carry around if u need to.

Let’s talk about the features in detail:

  • Portable and Multi-Use:

It has a unique 2.4lbs dry erase board double-sided magnet easel with solidly built but lightweight which can stand on any desktop, It is easily portable as it has a top handle for traveling, so It is a good choice if you want to use it on multiple occasions like for home, school, office, small group instruction, kitchen, and classroom, etc. 

  • Great Helper for Office and Study at Home:

The stunning folding desktop whiteboard is a decent colleague for you to work and study at home. It can effortlessly help you record all kinds of significant content, such as the time of online meetings or online classes or even some important notes while having any online classes.

Small white boardWhiteboard for kids drawing


Double Sided Mini Foldable Magnetic Desktop whiteboard for Kids Drawing

Small Dry Erase White Board – 16″x 12″ is a unique easily portable appliance and you can even take down important notes for your meetings or online classes.


  • Double-sided Design:

Due to its amazing size, this is, 16”x12” the small dry erase whiteboard consents minimal space to provide an ample surface for capturing quick notes. Its unique feature permits two people to use it or to record diverse content at the same time.

  • Foldable Desktop standing White Board:

This astonishing small whiteboard with stand and handle can be bent if you want to hang it to store, or it can also stand up firm on the table, the angle is relaxed to expand for 0-40° with the Aluminium alloy stand, so that it can be expanded for diverse angle and needs, convenient to adjust a comfortable angle and makes the board stands up securely.

  • What You Get:

 The makers ensured that it’s a value for money product, and therefore, here is the list of the things you will be getting:

  • 1 x Small magnetic dry erases whiteboard, 
  • 1 x Dry erase eraser,
  • 4 x Magnetic pens with magnetic dry erase, 
  • 4 X Magnetic pieces. 

Hence next time onwards, if you feel like buying a whiteboard for your home then make sure to go for, Small Dry Erase White Board – 16″x 12“, which can be regarded as the best in town. You will be able to find this amazing product on the Amazon Shopping Website at a much economical rate.

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