The Exclusive Balance Ball Chair for Children

The amazing steadiness that Gaiam kids balance ball chair brings is the impeccable substitute for a classroom seating solution that encourages kids to educate and train vigorous posture while teaching concentration, balance, and calm. Moreover, Gaiam has been a foremost lifestyle brand with an assignment to brand yoga, fitness, and well-being available to all. It was created as a lifestyle company with the vision to make the earth a much healthier place.

Why is it considered so special?


Gaiam kids stay n play children’s balance ball delivers a flexible seat for high energy and active kids and comprises of 5 soft stabilizing legs reassuring the ball stays in place when not in use.


The premium ball not only inspires kids to learn but also guides them to adopt and practice a healthy posture while building core strength from active sitting and play in the classroom and at home while reading or learning and during movie time or watching TV.


One health benefit that your kids will get from it is that the ball movements increase blood flow to the brain, thus serving to improve concentration and increase focus while reducing agitation at the same time and even prevent boredom and distractions in a class by keeping the body active and the mind involved with the work that they have been assigned to do.


It has an unconventional seating option for kids in Elementary grade school classrooms providing an outlet for superfluous energy and to lessen fidgeting. Moreover, kid’s exercise ball has a unique way of keeping them focused and stress-free, which in turn helps them to concentrate in a much constructive way and makes them naturally instinctive and pro-active.

Gaiam kids stay n play childrn's baelance ballGaiam kids stay n play childrn's baelance ball


Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Children’s Balance Ball

Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Children’s Balance Ball helps to increase blood flow to the brain of your kid, thus making him more agile, active, and intelligent.



This is one special instruction that you are required to follow. It may be essential to re-inflate the ball after initial inflation to permit the ball’s material to stretch to its concluding size. 

Keep in mind that you have to:

  • Inflate the ball with air 
  • Then you require waiting for 24 hours 
  • Deflate it again to 50% 
  • Fill again to 45cm height

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So if you want to make your kid’s posture perfect while studying at home and make him a pro-active individual, then its recommended that you surely go for Gaiam Kids Stay-N-Play Children’s Balance Ball, you can find this amazing product on the Amazon Shopping Website at a much economical rate.


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