The Best 2 in 1 Webcam and Document Camera

No matter if you’re in the classroom or teaching from home, OKIOCAM s USB 2 in 1 webcam and document camera has got you covered. It outshines in remote learning circumstances where you can use it to sustain the extraordinary standard of teaching that your students have come to believe. And when you head back to the classroom, you can connect OKIOCAM to your projection screen or smart-board through a computer and share worksheets, quizzes, and more with the whole class.

Because of OKIOCAM’s lightweight and transferable design, conveying it from home to the classroom is anything but a routine. Whether we’re all able to head back to the classroom in the next school year or not, when you choose OKIOCAM, you’re ready for anything.

OKIOCAM document camera for distance learning

OKIOCAM document camera for distance learning


OKIOCAM S USB 2-in-1 Webcam

OKIOCAM S USB 2-in-1 Webcam can outperform and outclass in a distant or remote learning scenario. Moreover, it is a hustle-free exceptionally flexible device.

Why the OKIOCAM s USB 2 in 1 webcam and document camera is considered the best?

  • 2-in-1 webcam and document camera: 

You can use it as a typical front-facing webcam for conference calls or recording online lectures, or you can also utilize it as a document camera when you want to demonstrate solutions to demanding problems using a pen and paper, share a significant page of a book, or show crafts and 3D objects in great detail.

  • Plug and play: 

OKIOCAM S works with video conferencing and recording tools without the need for the additional driver.

  • Compatible with popular video conferencing: 

It’s extremely compatible with

  • Google Meet, 
  • Skype
  • Microsoft Teams, 
  • Zoom, 
  • Mac FaceTime
  • Native Windows Camera app, 
  • The Native Chromebook Camera app, 
  • Mac QuickTime player
  • Compact, light, and highly adjustable:

It is easy to carry at 0.59lbs (269g) with a folding arm and foldable magnetic base plate. The exceptional arrangement of the multi-jointed arm and rotatable camera pate makes it conceivable to capture images and videos from all angles.

  • Works on Multiple Platforms:

The makers of the OKIOCAM document camera for distance learning made sure that it’s an exceptionally flexible device and therefore ensured that it works on multiple platforms like Windows PC, Mac, Chromebook, and others. Moreover, the astonishing Camera sensor is up to 1920×1440 pixels; additionally, it has a glass fiber with a reinforced arm. 

So if you need to buy this amazing device, then you must go on to the Amazon Shopping Website, where you will be able to get it at a much economical rate.

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