Dry Erase Calendar for Wall & Refrigerator

The magnetic dry erase calendar for the refrigerator & wall is a unique discovery and more so than expected, it is made of amazing quality and can be considered a subtle work of an artistic touch to it. It fits on the fridge top perfectly with plenty of room. Moreover, the markers have twist-off caps which are tricky at first as it is not clear as to which end twists-off. The markers only hang vertically; tip up, so it doesn’t get dried up quickly. 

Now let us talk about its unique features:


The 0.8mm depth magnet is almost double of any other brands in the contemporary market. So now the question comes, why thickened? That’s for sturdier magnet and more robust and thus avoiding from being twisted. 

Your fridge calendar can resolutely and effortlessly cane to the refrigerator. Don’t worry about the calendar whiteboard dropping off from the fridge or move from its place. What’s more, this makes the calendar not as fragile as a piece of paper On top of the calendar there are holes to allow for wall hanging.

  • Magnetic Calendar for Refrigerator & Wall with Stain Resistant Surface 

It has a First-rate PET surface. It generally means that you can simple to clean without leaving any stain or ghosting. The makers of this amazing appliance made sure to maintain the best standard of stain resistance, ensure ink can be easily washed after more than 60 days on this calendar whiteboard, and calendar surface keeps in new condition even after being erased over multiple times. 

calendar for the refrigeratorridge whiteboard calendar


Dry Erase Calendar Kit- Magnetic Calendar for Refrigerator & Wall

Dry Erase Calendar Kit- Magnetic Calendar for Refrigerator is an attractive and unique appliance to make sure that you keep track of your busy schedule.$22.99 from Amazon

  • Beautiful & Easy to use

Another unique feature of the fridge whiteboard calendar is its color-coded days’ design, making it much easier to check your plan at a glance. So if you have a busy schedule lined up for the week, you can note them down on the calendar with the marker. 

Thus you will be able to keep in track of every event and date, or you might even utilize it as a to-do list, noting your everyday tasks. Even your kids can use it, to keep a track of their school schedule or their day to day activities. It will not only make your children more disciplined but also extremely constructive in their work process. 


So are you looking for a decent and attractive gift for someone? Well then don’t worry; this magnificent magnetic calendar will be a great gift idea. The package includes:

  • 1 Magnetic Monthly Calendar (16.9″ W x 13.2″ H),
  • 5 Markers, 1 Eraser 
  • 1 bonus (1 Set of Magnetic Bookmark). 

All of these are packed in a fine-looking gift box.

So right now if you feel like buying this amazing calendar, to keep a track of your busy schedule and daily activities, then it’s recommended that you go on the Amazon Shopping Website, where you will be able to get it at a much cheaper rate.

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