Why Rose Hips Make your Vitamin C Different?

Nutricost Vitamin C with Rose Hips 1025mg, 240 Capsules – Vitamin C 1,000mg, Rose Hips 25mg, Premium, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free Supplement

Rose hips are the round portion of the rose flower just below the petals. It contains the seeds of the rose plant. Dried rose hips and the seeds are used together to make medicine. Rose hips vitamin C benefits that distinguish this supplement from regular vitamin C are those unique additional elements the supplements carry due to rose hips. For a long time, humans have tried to figure out and have used this herb in medicine and anti-inflammatory properties of vitamin C

Recently, researchers have found that if combined, they have a unique feature of creating a superior product that can help boost your immunity

Rose Hips Vitamin C Benefits Overview:

natural sources of vitamin Cnatural sources of vitamin C


Premium Vitamin C with Rose Hips Supplement

Nutricost Vitamin C with Rose Hips delivers a whopping 1025mg in every capsule.


Stronger immunity:

Recent studies prove that vitamin C can help strengthen immunity in your body. Rose Hips boost this effect because they contain a variety of other important elements, like vitamins E and K

Arthritis prevention

Are you suffering from joint pain? Or Do you know someone who is suffering from Arthritis? Then you should consider Rose hips as the best productive solution for all this. The production of collagen is extremely important to keep your joints healthy, Rose hips Vitamin C fits into this perfectly as it not only maintains the production level of collagen but also provides an anti-inflammatory effect and even improves the health of connective tissues. 

Healthy and glowing skin

It has been figured that if you combine rose hips nutrients and vitamin C, then it creates an extremely potent antioxidant cocktail. The effect of vitamin C on collagen helps keep your skin smooth. Anti-inflammatory properties of antioxidants reduce redness and help fight acne caused by bacteria.

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Why Rose Hips Benefits Are Different?

The principal reason for a rose hips vitamin C supplement to be unique is because it’s more than pure vitamin, unlike any other vitamin products. In their natural form, rose hips are used in traditional medicine to:

  • Settle indigestion and stomach spasms
  • Boost kidney health and detox kidneys
  • Help treat gallbladder ailments
  • Increased fluid retention
  • Balance blood pressure
  • Cure fever

Rose hips contain a variety of flavonoids, carotenoids, essential fatty acids, and vitamins. It has been proven by researchers that, they make one of the richest natural sources of vitamin C.

The product will benefit you because this supplement offers the elements remaining in rose hips. But also, it contains a large amount of vitamin C. The effect is similar to that of eating natural rose hips.

How Much Vitamin C to Take Daily?

Usually, a natural human body requires less than 100mg of vitamin C to support them daily. It’s advisable to keep the larger doses specifically for cold and flu seasons as an extra-intake kicks your immunity into overdrive.

Nutricost Vitamin C with Rose Hips

It contains 1000 MG of potent, high-quality Vitamin C (as Ascorbic Acid) per serving. As an added source, these pills also contain 25 MG of Rose Hips, a potent source of Vitamin C. These pills are non-GMO and gluten-free. Make sure to keep in mind that you shouldn’t exceed the recommended dose of 1-2 capsules daily. If you want to add any other supplements to your diet, then you should consult a professional dietician or health care, provider.

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