Google – Pixel 3a with 64GB : It’s a lot more than just a phone

Want the best camera? Want a great looking screen? Want amazing battery life? Want an amazing but simple software? Can you recollect any such phone in the market at this point which has all those specific features? Yes exactly, you have guessed it right, Google – Pixel 3a is the ideal phone for you. 

So imagine yourself to be a regular phone user, click some photos, watch movies and videos on Netflix or Amazon Prime, strolls through your Facebook account, and browse through some emails, then you can blindly put your hard-earned money to buy this phone. 

Some pros of having a Google Pixel 3a Amazon:

  • It has an unlimited backup for Google photos.
  • The storage capacity is 3 times the amount of cloud storage for free as the apple.
  • If you use any type of voice assistant, you’ll love having a Google phone for the best assistant experience
  • Most of the features of this phone are unique and can only be found in this particular Pixel 3a
  • Another substantial benefit that this device provides us is the benefit of Screen calls.
  • The best and the most ideal competitor to Apple phones
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Google – Pixel 3a with 64GB Memory Cell Phone

Google – Pixel 3a is an amazing device and is a game changer. It has an extraordinary camera with features such as Night Sight, Super Res Zoom,Portrait Mode and HDR+. It features a battery that charges fast and lasts allday long.


Other specific Benefits

Night Sight

You’ll never want to use your flash again. Night Sight lets you capture rich detail and color, even in the dark.

Quick Charge Lasts Longer

For just a 15 minutes charge Adaptive Battery is capable of delivering at a stretch 7 hours of use. It’s specifically designed to master your favorite apps and reduce power to the ones you rarely use, thus saving the battery usage and makes it lasts longer.

Automatic Caller identification

You are getting calls from an unknown number, and you want to know the name of the caller. The Google Assistant is included especially for this reason, to assist you in screening the calls, so that you will be able to judge better which call to receive and which one to ignore.

Last but not the least, THE COST! A brand new release, excellent quality phone at this economical rate (USD 239.99)? Google Pixel 3a Amazon is an absolute game-changer. Moreover, with all the various features it’s worth the price. A phone with such a high-quality resolution camera at this economical rate is one of the most lucrative phones you could ever ask for. Hence you can best buy pixel 3a on the Amazon shopping website at a much cheaper rate.


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