Ring Alarm Contact Sensor #1 Amazon Choice

The 2nd gen Ring Alarm contact sensor has been displayed with less intrusive wireless sensors and you are also provided with the vital alternative of professional monitoring for further supplemental security features. Unlike the older version, the new system pops up with the do-it-yourself approach but instills faith among the users to be more user-friendly, and easier to install despite its complex technical infrastructures.

Is it productive?

In this busy contemporary world, where you find it difficult to even figure out the time for yourself, it becomes extremely tough to even maintain proper security for your house or apartment. This is exactly where The Ring Alarm Contact Sensor fits in perfectly. 

This device expands your Ring Alarm and adds another significant layer of security to your home. It’s like making a boundary around and making it a fortress. Once you have attached the Sensor to the windows and doors, then if any individual ever tries to trespass you’ll get instant alerts and notifications on your phone and tablet irrespective of wherever you are. 

ring alarm contact sensorRing Alarm Contact Senso


2nd gen Ring Alarm contact sensor

This device expands your 2nd gen Ring Alarm contact sensor andadds another significant layer of security to your home.


The Setup Procedure

It will hardly take just a few minutes for you to install the set-up of The Alarm Contact Sensor without any tools or professional installation required. All you will ever need is to place your Contact Sensor on any door or window frame, connect it to your Ring Alarm Base Station, and you’re all set up!

What is the importance of Ring Base Station?

The Ring Base Station is an outline that has the capability to optionally wall-mount and has been able to accommodate a rechargeable backup battery that works for 24 hours. It even has Wi-Fi, Z-Wave, Zigbee, and Bluetooth connections, as well as a cellular modem that’s enabled if you have a Ring Protect Plus subscription. Moreover, its most unique advantage is that it will work with various third-party connected security devices, like Kwikset, and Yale smart locks.

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Working with ALEXA

You can connect the ring alarm with ALEXA enabled devices, and you will be able to get notifications like a smoke alarm, carbon monoxide alarm, or something as simple as breaking of glasses in your house when you are away.

Product Availability

You can find this unique ring contact sensor smart things on the Amazon Shopping Website. Where you will be able to buy such devices at a cheaper rate. 


1-Pack Contact Sensor $19.99

2-Pack Contact Sensor $39.99

6-Pack Contact Sensor $99.99


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