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When you compare FIRE TV vs. APPLE TV, you will be able to see that FIRE TV Cube is one of the most unique additions and members of the Fire TV family. Once you start using this gadget, you will have an idea, that there is a lot more to like about this typical gadget. Apart from being a game-changer for this gadget, Alexa has also been an excellent replacement, as the introduction will enable you to get a firm grip on all the various entertainment systems present in your house. On the other hand, Apple has a pretty similar interface to the iPhone. 

While comparing the features of FIRE TV vs. APPLE TV,

unlike Fire TV Cube, the Apple TV features are a bit more complex and sophisticated. Moreover, if you are going to compare the price, then Apple TV is always a bit on the higher price range, but the outline is superior.


Amazing Voice Remote

The premier section of the Fire TV Cube is that Alexa will do everything for you. Starting from turning your TV on and off to raising and lowering the T.V volume. Moreover, you can even ask Alexa to turn on your favorite film or show whenever you want. Like (“Alexa, watch The Patriot”), or if you are confused and is unable to remember the name of the show, then you can ask something like (“Alexa, show me some horror shows”). If you have attended some important meetings or you have to pause, then all you need to do is just ask Alexa. Such excellent controls exceed what other Amazon Fire TV devices provide.

Fire TV Cube

Fire TV supports 4K Ultra HD for true-to-life picture quality. Watch high-definition 1080p streams on Amazon Video, Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and more, even without a 4K TV.


Controls the Cable Box

Due to the presence of IR blaster, the TV Cube will be able to assist you in controlling the cable box. All you require is to politely ask Alexa to tune to any channel you want to watch, starting from Sports to News (or any channel) on said box, either by name or by channel number. 

Always Getting Smarter

The introduction of Alexa has enabled the gadget to become smarter with state of the art features, capabilities to control devices. The Fire TV Cube is going to get even better as time passes. Since its launch last year, the roles and functionalities of Alexa have been significantly improved. Moreover, it has even included certain key enhancements including support for Multi-Room Music, Follow-Up Mode, Alexa Voice Browsing, and more.

Easy Access to Amazon Channels

Amazon provides you with certain special Channels services which will permit you to pay the bills only for the channels you want to watch, and not required to pay for the shows you don’t watch. 

Fire TV vs Apple TV

The Fire TV Cube works as a standalone Echo device, while the Apple TV doesn’t perform any task when the television screen is turned off. The Fire TV Cube is multi functional, like other than playing your favorite shows and raising the TV volumes, it can control all the home entertainment set-ups. Hence if you want to save money then it’s better to go for Fire TV. You will be able to find this amazing product on the Amazon Shopping Website.


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