Feel the Cool Breeze: 42″ Wind Curve Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer

Lasko has been developing some prominent ecstatic great-looking, high-performing home comfort products in the U.S. and around the world for 100 years. This 42″ Wind Curve Fan with a fresh air Ionizer is another added product in the Lasko family.

This new Lasko wind curve with ionizer has certain unique features, making it the ideal target for customers. It has an extremely high reaching tower fan, which has been specifically designed for utmost air delivery. So, now let’s discuss it in detail. 

Why should you bring it home?


Imagine living in Sacramento (California) during the summer without any central air, or your window AC regularly malfunctions. This unique stand up fan creates an amazing and extremely soothing airflow, which in turn will not only make you exceptionally comfortable but you will also start feeling cooler. Moreover, if you are feeling particularly exhausted to get up and adjust the settings of the fan, and then all you need to do is just use the remote control and change the settings according to your convenience.

Lasko wind curve with ionizerLasko wind curve with ionizer


42″ Wind Curve Tower Fan

With 42″ Wind Curve Tower Fan with Fresh Air Ionizer you can keep yourhouse cool and fresh. It is an exceptional choice for use when you are at home.



The device has been constructed in such a way that it can disperse tons of negative ions into the air that connects with positively charged ions, so to give you an idea of what they exactly are, things like allergens, bacteria, and pollen, to name a few. Once the interrelation has occurred, then the particles become heavier and come to the ground. This results in the increase of negative ions in your apartment/room, thus transforming the air into cooler and healthier to breathe.


Another crucial benefit of having this unique tower fan in your house is the fact that you can fit this thing anywhere without sacrificing air circulation, comfort, or style. It is 42.5” in height with a small 13” x 13” footprint, the sleek, vertical design is responsible to maximize floor space letting you put the tower fan in places where pedestal and box fans won’t fit. 

Moreover, with all these sophisticated and newly invented features, the price range of the Lasko 42-inch tower fan is extremely economical but you can get it at an even cheaper rate.

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